Founded in 1941, Harold E. Anderson had a vision – make it easy for homebuyers to build the home of their dreams. He believed future homeowners had a right to beautiful, functional, and energy-efficient homes at a reasonable cost. His vision led him to a revolutionary idea: Utilize each architectural plan developed for our clients to create a library of building plans for homebuilders and homebuyers, becoming the basis for selling stock plans at a fraction of custom design costs.

Anderson’s mission was simple: provide design and technical excellence in residential plans at a fraction of price. Our gallery of plans ranges from luxurious mansions to historical bungalows that are functional, appealing, and easy to build. We provide valuable support to adjust any plan to fit your lifestyle and build the home of your dreams.

Home Builders

At Anderson, we design plans with a sense of place for future home buyers. Residential development is a long-term investment for any community. Our certified House Plans offer builders the flexibility and design excellence to create a more successful residential subdivision that excites its residents, town, city staff, commissions, and councils. For over 40 years, our plans offer cost-efficient design solutions backed by licensed architects. We work closely with builders to maximize the number of lots in their subdivision. Our experts provide personalized attention. Whatever your building challenges are, at Anderson, we will help you find solutions.

Home Buyers

A premier source for ready to build custom and predesigned house plans, we provide design excellence and versatility for over fifty years. From Urban style bungalows to luxurious mansions, our gallery of building plans is functional, versatile, and easily modified by our In-house designers. We offer one on one support to help you customize your unique vision for the home of your dreams. Our plans are stamped and certified by licensed Architects in the state of Illinois and Indiana. We service home buyers and builders with unparalleled quality design plans. Explore our gallery and select the home of your dreams today.